El and Jae’s Cybher Meet and Greet

El and Jae say hello!

El and Jae are really excited to be going to Cybher, the all-female blogging conference in London on 12 May. If you are going please say hello to us – we are easy to spot as we will both have our glasses on and we are probably the only mother and daughter bloggers.

El says:

I have never been to a conference before because I am only 12. I have this terrible feeling that everyone will look down their noses at me and be really snooty but mum says bloggers are friendly. I am interested in meeting people and hearing the talks but a bit scared – mum says there will be hundreds of bloggers there. I hope mum doesn’t do anything too embarassing like start dancing.

Jae says:

I love being around a bunch of techy women, it’s so inspiring. I am looking forward to meeting a big mix of bloggers and learning a lot at the various session. When I was a little girl my mum took me on the first peace marches in Belfast and I’ve never forgotten this. I hope that Cybher has a big impact on El and opens her eyes to what women can do. I wasn’t planning to dance but now that somebody has mentioned it…

Names: El and Jae. We do have other names which you will have to guess. Clue: It’s not Rumpelstiltskin

Blog: Eljae.com Jae also has another blog which she has been writing for 5 years called Joanne the Coach

Twitter ID: Only Jae is on Twitter @joannemallon

Height: Jae is 5’4″ El is pocket sized

Hair: Short & blonde, long & strawberry blonde

Five things you should know about us…

  1. We love Glee!, Brighton, Doctor Who and wearing glasses
  2. We have a cat called Dennis who is very grumpy and likes to bite our toes but we love him really
  3. El loves The Apprentice, Blackadder, Watchdog and The Gadget Show. Jae loves The Office: An American Workplace, 24 and Deadwood.
  4. El has read more books at age 12 than Jae has read in her whole life
  5. We love nerds.

Please leave a comment and say hello to us on the day if you are going to Cybher. You can meet more people who’ll be there at the Meet & Greet page here.

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  1. Melaina25 replied:

    You won’t be the only mother daughter team! Sian & Biba will be there, too!

    I love Glee myself although I was not feeling disco this past week.

    Here’s my Meet and Greet: http://transatlanticblonde.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/cybher-meet-and-greet.html

  2. jae replied:

    oh yes good point. So we are similar to them, but speccy. Looking forward to meeting you!

  3. actuallymummy replied:

    We’re not snooty and I for one am dying to meet you so I can see what I have to look forward to when GG starts blogging!

  4. Sian To (@geekisnewchic) replied:

    Really looking forward to meeting you El (and Jae), you won’t be the youngest blogger though.x.. look out for my daughter Biba (10).

  5. Karen H. (@thedailymum) replied:

    Look forward to meeting you and El. Such a good idea to introduce her to Cybher.
    Like I mentioned on twitter, I was part of your mediawomenuk group and have known about you for years. So if I start chatting to you like we’re old friends, please don’t be alarmed!

    • Graziella replied:

      Man, I’m getting dizzy with all these rdtammeneocions! I need like a whole day just to go visit all these new blogs that I didn’t know about. Have I been under a rock or what?

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