Vote El! (And also Jae!)

Remember how exciting it was that Jae was nominated for a blogging award? Well, now it gets even better as THIS ACTUAL BLOG has been nominated for an award too. So El is probably the youngest blog awards nominee at age 12, and Jae could also be the oldest at age 5 billion.

El and Eye say: Please vote! How can you refuse cute faces like this? has been nominated in the Most Innovative Blog category at the MAD Blog Awards. El was unsure of what Innovative actually means, until Jae explained that it essentially means you are Queen of the Nerds.

So how are we innovative? We don’t do many videos or fancy stuff. This is what we do that’s new

  • This blog is glasses-powered, which is useful when the electricity runs out
  • It’s written by a parent and child. In the olden days parents used to blog about their children, until the kids started objecting to the adults taking pictures of their best poos and posting them online. We think that more parents and children should write blogs together, it’s fun.
  • When we get excited we grow moustaches

    Even our facial hair is innovative

So please pop over here to the nominations page and add to the Most Innovative Blog category.

And here is a message from our turtle:

April 14, 2012. Tags: , , , , . Stuff we love.

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