Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 4 – Pop Will Eat Itself

Ok kids I think you will like this one, especially the fast food-inspired chorus. This later influenced Lady Gaga in the lesser known first version of her hit Poker Face, which was originally titled Pizza Face (Pah-pah-pah Pizza Face Pah-pah Pizza face).

It’s Pop Will Eat Itself with Def Con One :


Pop Will Eat Itself (or The Eaties as they were sometimes known) were pioneers in the ‘songs made of bits of other things’ genre.  They had a lot of trouble with nits and sunburn, leading to the band’s ultimate demise.

Some of them later went on to form Bentley Rhythm Ace, who made this video which won Best Use of Swingball And Waffles at the MTV Awards:


Where are the Swingball and waffles in today’s music, that’s what I want to know?



March 21, 2012. Tags: , , . Stuff we love.

One Comment

  1. Jen aka The Mad House replied:

    Oh PWEI a real blast from my past, now going to have to get the CD’s out. I remember watching them live with The Wonderstuff and The Fall!

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