Mothers Day – A live blog post

Hello El here. I’ve decided to live blog mothers day from a childs point of view. ElDad is away so it’s up to me and Eye to make mothers day perfect for Jae. It is also my first ever live blog so wish me luck!

5:55 – I am woken up by Dennis the Cat. He is padding at my leg. Occasionally it feels quite nice, like when he walks on my back and it feels like a mini massage, but mostly it is quite annoying.

7:10 – After snoozing for a bit I go on the iPad and try to find somthing to watch on BBC iPlayer. I find nothing that I haven’t already watched so I go on Tap Zoo 2 and pick up the coins that are magically floating above the animals heads.

7:40 – I put on my TV and watch some Teleshopping. I make a mental note to recommend a steamer thingy to Jae. It looks really good. I then get annoyed by the demonstation man’s voice. I change the channel.

8:15 – I creep into Jae’s room to see if she’s awake. She’s not. I cannot see her face and she looks a bit like a puffball sticking out of the duvet. I leave her alone.

8:30 – After re-aranging some of my posters for a bit  I check on Jae again. She is still in her Puffball state. I go and talk to Eye who is also up.

8:31 – I force Eye to clean his desk because it is a tip and it would amuse me to watch him tidy it. I help a bit.

9:00 – We check on Jae. The Puffball has not moved. Assuming she was completly unconscious I wisper to her to try and plant subliminal messages to get her up. Suddenly the Puffball whispered “What did I tell you about not waking me up?” Me and Eye run for our lives.

9:05 – I go back in. All is forgiven. Jae is demanding tea.

9:15 – Me and Eye bring tea and toast. The toast has homemade jam on it (not homemade by us, we’re too lazy but homemade all the same).

9:16 – Me and Eye eagerly bring in our presents for Jae. I have got her:

Sewn with love!

A cuddly heart that I made myself. I have sewn the word mum into it.

A nail varnish (dark purple).

A 100g bar of Bubbly Galexy Bar.

Eye has got her:

A box of Milk Tray – one of them is called Nut Secret and not Nazi Secret as we first thought by mistake

A 230g bar of Cadbury Fruit & Nut

And from us both:

A box of Lindlt

A 200g bar of Cadbury Bournville.

Choccies for mum!

We have no wrapping paper so it is wrapped up in old Dr Who comic pages. We show her the pictures we like best. “Look mum there’s Rory!”

9:30 – Jae banishes us so that she can read her kindle. She is reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for her book group.

10:00 – Eye starts to watch our rented copy of Johnny English Reborn. I decide to live blog mothers day.

11:30 – Jae gets out of bed after reading Great Expectations.

12:00 – Jae does ironing and doesn’t moan about it. She says that’s her Mothers Day gift to us.

1pm – We make chocolate fairy cakes and put a square of Bourneville chocolate inside each one. Yummy!!! We also sing along to Pink I don’t want to be a stupid girl because we don’t. And I do a bit of a dance to So What.

2:30 – I go to the shops to return Johnny English Reborn and to buy essentials such as biscuits.  I do not realise until it is too late that milk + bread + biscuits + Flora + thin carrier bag handles = Pain!

3:10 – Our friend and her little baby come round for tea and cakes. We have not seen them in a while as they have been in Cyprus.

4:00 – Poomaggedon! Baby does a huge poo. As me and Jae are talking we hear our friend going WOW! as she gazes at her babys poo explosion. I go for a look.

6:15 – Our friend and her baby leave. We were sad to see them leave as I was teaching the baby to high five.

7:00 – Jae does more ironing. Still not grumbling but might be secretely inside. I do my spanish homework.

Happy Mothers Day from El and Jae

7:30 – I finish my homework. Here is a little bit:

Mi madre Jae tiene los ojos azules. Tiene el pelo corto, liso y rubio. Mi madre es guapa, activa, simpatica y graciosa.

Which translated into english is:

My mum Jae has blue eyes. She has short, straight and blonde hair. My mum is good looking, active, nice and funny.

8:00 – I have a shower. I am now clean and smell a lot nicer.

9:00 – Bedtime! Jae is staying up to keep her chocolate company and to welcome ElDad as he arrives home from Wales.

Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day with your mum or your child

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