New toy review: Petite Harumika – teeny tiny fashion fun

A few years ago we went to the launch of Harumika, and we didn’t know it at the time, but it was the start of something big. Since then El has played with her own Harumika and we’ve bought them lots of times for birthday presents. Very good if you need something for girls aged 7 and older.

If you haven’t seen them, Harumika is a mini dressmaker’s doll. You can fit outfits on to it by fastening the material with a slot in the back, so it’s a craft activity that doesn’t need any glue, scissors or sewing. Which is good because we can never find those things when we want them.

Hands up for Harumika

But now the brand is getting bigger and smaller at the same time, as they’ve just released Petite Harumika, a pocket sized version of the bigger kits.  It costs around £8 and contains a mini dress form (which you can make into a pencil topper or bag charm) and material, ribbon and stickers to decorate it with. We were sent a kit to try, and here’s the verdict:

El says

My fingers were a bit too big for this because I’m 12! I think it is more for little girls. This would make a good travel toy when you’re on holiday or bored in the car. I didn’t like the beaded bit that attached the pokey thing with the doll, it really annoyed me!!!!! I definitely prefer big Harumika, though I’m a bit old for it now. It’s a really nice idea that many girls would enjoy.

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