Eljae’s guide to modern day manners

For anyone unsure about modern manners, we have prepared this handy guide:

Bad manners are:

  • Putting your face in your food and munching like a cat
  • Meaniness. Not just with money but general horribleness and rudeness
  • Recounting your every fart and sigh on Facebook
  • If someone tells you a story and forgets that they’ve told it to you before, DON’T SAY You’ve already told me this because that will make them feel bad and like they’re losing their mind.
  • Saying OMG THAT SOUNDS TERRIBLE! when somebody suggests the next book for Book Group, even if it does.
  • Meeting someone you only know from their Twitter picture and saying OMG YOU ARE 10 YEARS OLDER AND 3 STONE BIGGER THAN I THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!
  • Shouting STOP SMOKING into someones phone when they’re trying to call their mum. And they’re under the legal age to smoke. And NOT ACTUALLY SMOKING.

Good manners are:

  • Saying Thank You (even if you don’t like the present)
  • Saying Thank you for a lovely tea to your mum or dad, even if you didn’t like it all that much. At least they fed you.
  • Thanking people on Twitter for a RT (retweet)
  • Bringing home a packet of Liquorice Allsorts for Jae
  • Smiling. But not creepily
  • Linking to great blog posts
  • Using the correct cutlery. Except a soup spoon, no one knows what that is.
  • Keeping quiet when El is watching Watchdog
  • Cleaning up your dog’s poop


(Please) Do you have anything to add to our manners guide? (Thank you)

El & Jae
Politely asking

March 15, 2012. Tags: , , , . Top Tips.

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