Lord Sugar – A Random Wisdom.

My sources tell me that Lord Alan Sugar is using the mind controlling powers of sugar to take over the world. However my sources are hyperactive dogs that speak english when only I’m around so their realiability isn’t 100%.
Or mabye it was a dream.


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Where is the 3rd butt?

They say that some things in life come along in threes.

So the other day I bought some solid bubble bath from Lush, which El pointed out looked like a butt:

Does my butt look big in this?

Then we found this guy on Youtube with a really funny rap about having a chin like a butt:


So now I need to know – where is the third butt?




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Music from today that adults need to know about: No 1 – Rizzle Kicks, Katy Perry and Lady GaGa

Rizzle Kicks are a rapping duo from BRIGHTON! Yay! And I know for a fact that at least one of them went my secondary school. This is mostly why I like them. However I do like Down With The Trumpets.

Hmmmmm……… I reconise that beach from some where.
Another fun song is California Gurls by Katy Perry (clearly whoever decided on the title didn’t know how to spell girls).

I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!! Finally is an extremly ‘original’ artist. Although her song Born This Way sounds like a Madonna song. Hmmmmm….. So I’ve decided to show you a parody I like about how she’s RIPPING OFF Madonna. She has been known to wear a meat dress, just her underwear and some KILLER high heels. It’s (someone pretending to be) Lady GaGa!

These are a few artists that adults NEED to know about!!!


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Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 1 – The Ramones

The Ramones were an Irish American band of brothers descended from the celtic Ramona tribe which was known for its long, thick lustrous hair and leather jackets. This video also shows you what school was like in history:

Not to be confused with The Hives, who got their name because they live in a row of houses in Sweden that look like actual beehives, with giant bees painted on the side:

Or indeed Avril Lavigne, who wanted to join the Ramona tribe but was not allowed in on account of poor spitting technique:



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Introducing El

Let me tell you 5 things about El

It's El!

  1. El was born with 100 miles of personality. I was there so I know.
  2. Sometimes people at school call El a nerd. I tell her that this is great because nerds rule the earth now, but I don’t think she’s totally convinced.
  3. El likes to read 3 books at once. She lines them up in front of her all open and reads a page of each in turn. She does not find this at all confusing. She reads all day long, never leaves the house without at least one book and gets a bit miffed with anything (like school) that cuts into her reading time.
  4. Embarrassing confession: I was once waiting at a cashpoint queue with El, waiting for the lady in front to finish, when El piped up in her loudest voice: Mummy, that lady’s got a big bottom. In her defence she was only 3.
  5. I think El will go a long way in life, as she has the total package of brains, beauty, sense of humour and a kind and loving heart.


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Mugs – A Random Wisdom

We take mugs for granted! Mugs are our friends, they do so much for us yet we never give anything back. We pour boiling hot liquids into them yet they never complain. They contain tea and coffee and without these beverages many adults would become zombies.  We drop them on the ground and smash them yet they don’t rebel. Mugs have rights too! So next time you take a drink out of a mug remember to say thank you. You owe it that at least.


P.S I wrote about the mug idea on another blog and even though I’ve changed it a bit it’s still the same idea. Don’t worry I’m not a copycat!
Also thanks to Jae for the picture of the mug ElDad bought her for X-mas. On the front is the cover from the book she wrote.

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School days – the happiest days of your life?

I had a scary dream about school last night. Which is all very well and good, but I am the mother in this mothership and haven’t been to school in about 20 years.

In the dream I had turned up in the wrong uniform, so I had to get changed. As I tried to do this, my arms got tangled up in my jumper and the clothes just wouldn’t seem to go on. It wound itself round and round my head as I seemed to have lost the ability to get dressed. Then I realised that the rest of my class could see me half-dressed, and were laughing at me. And then I walked out and it turned out that I was the only one in uniform after all.

Classic anxiety dream. I was so relieved to wake up

Ever since El turned 12 I have been trying to remember what life was like when I was 12.

I think I’ve been trying too hard.



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Review: The Leather Satchel Company – UPDATED WITH NEW VOUCHER CODE

Here is a video review from El of a lovely leather satchel we were sent by The Leather Satchel Company:

But there is more to this story.

El used the satchel every day at school, then one day the strap broke 😦 Although the satchels come with a 5 year guarantee, we hadn’t sent back the guarantee card because it looked so sturdy, we never thought we’d need it.

However, I tweeted The Leather Satchel Company, they replied immediately and sent us a freepost label. We posted back the satchel and it has come flying back to us, all repaired and good as new 🙂

I think you learn more about companies when things go wrong, and in this case it couldn’t have been dealt with better – top marks for great customer service. They’re really nice people to deal with and the satchels are lush – check out these babies.



El is still using her satchel every day, and because we love the Leather Satchel Company brand so much we have agreed to become affiliates. What this means is that if you quote our code when you order, you save money and we get a small commission.

The discount voucher code, which will get you £5 off a satchel is: 0VYXHTTZLE7XS (that first character is a zero, not an O). You will be able to use the code online, but their online shop isn’t quite ready, so for now you need to email the code to team@leathersatchel.co   (Yes I know that email address looks a bit unfinished but trust me, it’s the right one).

The good thing about dealing with the company directly is that you will be able to arrange having your initials on your satchel, and will have access to the widest range of colours. They have some fantastic new colours added to the range now. We love the metallics, and if we make any money as an affiliate will probably end up investing it in one of those.


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Give the Queen a Cornflake!

Have you ever heard the saying,
For want of a nail the horse shoe was lost
For want of a shoe the horse was lost
For want of a horse the rider was lost
For want of a rider he battle was lost
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost
And all for the want of a horse shoe nail.

*sound of throat clearing*
For want of a cornflake the bowl was not full
For want of a full bowl for her brekkie the queen was not energized
For want of energy her important meeting was a failure
For want of an important meeting THE WORLD EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!!!!
And all for the want of a cornflake

So if you want to live to see 2013 then send the queen a cornflake! She needs it more than you.

El. 🙂

P.S  I used this on another blog I have so if you ever see that then don’t worry I’m not stealing someone’s work and claiming it as my own, it really is mine.

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Last Day of the School Holidays

Tomorrow I am back at my new secondary school. I will rise at stupid o’clock, ariving about 20-15 minutes before school starts and get back roughly 40 minutes after it ended. Oh how I love the bus time table.

After form time what is my first lesson? PE the best lesson in the world. I adore the ache in my bones as I return to history. Then I will have to hand the home work I had all the holidays to complete and only finished today. It is about the murder of a woman hundreds of years ago. I had to finish off an essay that included all the gory details.

Then after a 20 minute break (of which about 10 mins will be spent in a claustrophobic queue) we have science. I’ve been enjoying science more in this school with my new teacher. Unfortunately our current topic is reproduction and puberty. Nice.

Then after lunch (most of which will be spent in the library which has another fancier name but is still just a library.) is RE. Our teacher loves to tell us the reason why people belive in a god is somthing to do with dominoes. Don’t ask. In our last lesson he showed us the start of Bruce Almighty which although very funny involved the F word and middle finger trumpets. Mabye there shouldn’t be so much swearing in front of 11 and 12 year olds. We hear and say it outside of the classroom but still…

Finally english. I actually really like my english teacher but my classmates are always mucking around and shouting out in english. We never get any work done. 😦

Finally the day is over, after riding on a bus filled with rowdy kids filling themselves up with sugar. Did I mention that right next to our school is a convenience store filled with sweets?  I hate the way school consumes my life. I change my sleeping patterns because of it, I spend hours a day there. I’m never away from it, homework is always a weight on my mind. Right now I’m worried that I’ll forget my homework or my history book. What if I leave my PE kit at home or my bus ticket? Sometimes education can feel like a bit much.


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