Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 3 – The KLF

This is the third post about great music from history. So far El has only written one post about great music of today, so that obviously proves that music was better in the past. FACT.

Anyway, The KLF grew out of trees near Glastonbury Tor, and were the top pop shock rockers of the Nineties. They are cool and significant because:

  • They burnt a million quid. They actually had the money in their hands and burnt it on a fire and called it art. Of course, they were locked up for it. These days, people in the government do that and get a knighthood.
  • They drove an ice cream van.
  • KLF stands for Kemp Love Foundation, named after their admiration for Gary and Martin Kemp who were also in a (less good) band of the era called Spandau Ballet. The less said about them, the better.
  • They also recorded under the name The Timelords to release this song which you should turn up really loud if you’re playing it in your car.

This one is my favourite. It was recorded just after the KLF’s “Let’s get elephant tusks welded to our heads for a laugh” period. They’d never do that on X Factor:


Also known as the Justified Ancient of Eljae

January 20, 2012. Tags: , . Stuff we love.


  1. king_biscuit replied:

    But El’s one post about music of today contained THREE bands, while your three posts about music of olden times contain just one band each, so it’s a tie actually.

  2. jae replied:

    I am furious and in a sulk now.

  3. El replied:

    Yeah! You go King Biscuit!!!!!!!

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