Music from today that adults need to know about: No 1 – Rizzle Kicks, Katy Perry and Lady GaGa

Rizzle Kicks are a rapping duo from BRIGHTON! Yay! And I know for a fact that at least one of them went my secondary school. This is mostly why I like them. However I do like Down With The Trumpets.

Hmmmmm……… I reconise that beach from some where.
Another fun song is California Gurls by Katy Perry (clearly whoever decided on the title didn’t know how to spell girls).

I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!! Finally is an extremly ‘original’ artist. Although her song Born This Way sounds like a Madonna song. Hmmmmm….. So I’ve decided to show you a parody I like about how she’s RIPPING OFF Madonna. She has been known to wear a meat dress, just her underwear and some KILLER high heels. It’s (someone pretending to be) Lady GaGa!

These are a few artists that adults NEED to know about!!!


January 9, 2012. Stuff we love.


  1. jae replied:


    Lady GaGa – nothing without Madonna
    Katy Perry – Needs Snoop Doggy Dog to carry her sweets
    Rizzle Kicks = A Tribe Called Quest, Hove branch

  2. Actually Mummy... replied:

    Love love love Katy Perry at the moment! Thanks for adding your link to my facebook request. I have subscribed so I can keep up to date with posts and hopefully feature you on Britmums Newbie Tuesday 🙂

    • Actually Mummy... replied:

      Oops – can’t find subscription options. Can you tweet me when you have them @actuallymummy?

      • jae replied:

        They were there and then they disappeared and now as if by magic they’re back. Ain’t technology wonderful?

  3. Music from history that kids need to know about: No 3 – The KLF « Eljae – A blog by El and Jae replied:

    […] is the third post about great music from history. So far El has only written one post about great music of today, so that obviously proves that music was better in the past. […]

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