Music from history that kids today need to know about: No 1 – The Ramones

The Ramones were an Irish American band of brothers descended from the celtic Ramona tribe which was known for its long, thick lustrous hair and leather jackets. This video also shows you what school was like in history:

Not to be confused with The Hives, who got their name because they live in a row of houses in Sweden that look like actual beehives, with giant bees painted on the side:

Or indeed Avril Lavigne, who wanted to join the Ramona tribe but was not allowed in on account of poor spitting technique:



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  1. El replied:

    I have found out that music has definatly GOTTEN BETTER. The Ramones were trying (and failing) to be cool. The hives were better and Avril Lavigne did one of my favourite song ever (Keep Holding On). Even if I only ever listen to the glee version.
    Also i’m not sure sure about the reliability of your infomation.

  2. Sally replied:

    The Ramones were “failing” to be cool? I feel old. And a bit smug.

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    […] is the third post about great music from history. So far El has only written one post about great music of today, so that obviously proves that […]

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