Introducing El

Let me tell you 5 things about El

It's El!

  1. El was born with 100 miles of personality. I was there so I know.
  2. Sometimes people at school call El a nerd. I tell her that this is great because nerds rule the earth now, but I don’t think she’s totally convinced.
  3. El likes to read 3 books at once. She lines them up in front of her all open and reads a page of each in turn. She does not find this at all confusing. She reads all day long, never leaves the house without at least one book and gets a bit miffed with anything (like school) that cuts into her reading time.
  4. Embarrassing confession: I was once waiting at a cashpoint queue with El, waiting for the lady in front to finish, when El piped up in her loudest voice: Mummy, that lady’s got a big bottom. In her defence she was only 3.
  5. I think El will go a long way in life, as she has the total package of brains, beauty, sense of humour and a kind and loving heart.


January 8, 2012. Stuff we love.

One Comment

  1. Emma Cossey replied:

    Three books at once? That’s some multi-tasking skill there. I very much wish I could do the same.

    Also, quite right – geeks do rule the world. Where would we have been without uber-geek Steve Jobs and all his Apple goodness?

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