Last Day of the School Holidays

Tomorrow I am back at my new secondary school. I will rise at stupid o’clock, ariving about 20-15 minutes before school starts and get back roughly 40 minutes after it ended. Oh how I love the bus time table.

After form time what is my first lesson? PE the best lesson in the world. I adore the ache in my bones as I return to history. Then I will have to hand the home work I had all the holidays to complete and only finished today. It is about the murder of a woman hundreds of years ago. I had to finish off an essay that included all the gory details.

Then after a 20 minute break (of which about 10 mins will be spent in a claustrophobic queue) we have science. I’ve been enjoying science more in this school with my new teacher. Unfortunately our current topic is reproduction and puberty. Nice.

Then after lunch (most of which will be spent in the library which has another fancier name but is still just a library.) is RE. Our teacher loves to tell us the reason why people belive in a god is somthing to do with dominoes. Don’t ask. In our last lesson he showed us the start of Bruce Almighty which although very funny involved the F word and middle finger trumpets. Mabye there shouldn’t be so much swearing in front of 11 and 12 year olds. We hear and say it outside of the classroom but still…

Finally english. I actually really like my english teacher but my classmates are always mucking around and shouting out in english. We never get any work done. 😦

Finally the day is over, after riding on a bus filled with rowdy kids filling themselves up with sugar. Did I mention that right next to our school is a convenience store filled with sweets?  I hate the way school consumes my life. I change my sleeping patterns because of it, I spend hours a day there. I’m never away from it, homework is always a weight on my mind. Right now I’m worried that I’ll forget my homework or my history book. What if I leave my PE kit at home or my bus ticket? Sometimes education can feel like a bit much.


January 2, 2012. Rants.

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