Top 6 Frozen cover versions

A real treat for us during half term was that we were invited along to a singalong screening of Frozen, followed by a Q & A with the directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. This screening was to mark the fact that the film is coming out on DVD at the end of March. If you haven’t seen Frozen then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It is fantastic, the best Disney film in years.

At the Q & A it was interesting to hear that the directors don’t really know what makes the film so successful. We reckon that (aside from the fact that it’s really funny) it’s the music. The songs in Frozen are just amazing and sound like classics from the first time your hear them – no wonder Let It Go won the best song Oscar. And also no wonder then that people are making their own versions.

Here are some of our favourite Frozen cover versions which we found on Youtube:

LOVE the choir, the African singer, the little girl who’s only 11.

This one’s really funny! NO VIIIIISIBLE LEGS!

Love these girls – apparently they’re all related. Plus they have cool glasses

And check this out

A cute version of In Summer sung by an 8 and 10 year old

Now this one is clever as it mashes up frozen music with Winter by Vivaldi

And this one is just for the mums/moms on the ice rink

Looks genuinely chilly! What’s your favourite song from Frozen?

The other surprising facts we learnt from the directors is that Frozen was influenced by Game of Thrones. Wouldn’t it be great if that worked the other way and GoT became a musical?

Frozen Blu-ray

El & Jae
Thawing Out

PS Frozen is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray on 31st March. There’s a special pre-purchase offer at the Disney Store. Did you know that Jae used to work at the Disney Store when she was a student? It’s the only job she’s had that El is impressed by.

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You know you’ve got a teenager in the house when…..


Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

Oh hang on, that is so last week.

Now, some of you may be wondering if you have a teenager in residence, or simply a very tall and articulate toddler. Next time you are unsure whether you have a teenager in residence or not, please consult our easy guide.

You know you’ve got a teenager in the house when…

  • There are no crisps
  • All your good nail varnishes have gone
  • Ditto your hairspray and your second best eye liner
  • And your money
  • There are adult-sized people in the house with child faces. They are very polite, but they have eaten all the crisps.
  • Someone is singing the theme from Titanic in the shower
  • And has been doing so for at least half an hour
  • Someone who loves you is telling you that they hate you
  • You hear the words Do I have to?, I’m not your slave and Have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on again? several times a day
  • Your car has a full booking system even though you have not officially qualified as a taxi driver
  • Despite sitting in one place on their laptop all the time their bedroom will be will very messy.
  • And is never tidied. Ever
  • And even when they claim to have tidied their room it looks exactly the same.
  • They ring the doorbell EVERY DAY even though they have their own key.
  • They pop off at a moments notice.
  • Everything you say has to be repeated twice. No one was listening either time.
  • The chocolate has a habit of disappearing. It’ll be in the same place as the crisps.


El and Jae
Teenagers frighten us, even though one of us is one…

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Telly time – it’s the season for Christmas movies

It’s almost El and Jae’s favourite time of year – ChristBirthdaymas. Jae’s birthday is two weeks before Christmas and El’s birthday is just after it, so the celebrations just keep coming.

And we have started our celebrating early thanks to a new TV we are reviewing. It’s a Bush 24 inch TV/DVD Combination  from the LEDTV range at Argos.

We’ve given it as an early Christmas present to El’s little brother Eye. Because we love him. And because El already has one in her room.

It comes in 3 colour christmas-tv-reviewchoices – black, white or pink (Eye was not tempted by the pink) – and includes an integral DVD player and all the Freeview channels.

We had to plug in a portable aerial because we didn’t have an outside one, but it was very easy to set up and the picture looks great. The 24 inch screen makes it a good bedroom or kitchen TV.

So now, let the Christmas movies commence! These are our top Christmas films we plan to watch on the new TV:

  • Arthur Christmas
    El and Eye watched this when they got the telly and it really put them in a Christmassy mood. A lovely film to watch in the Christmas season and great for kids. We especially enjoy Steve Christmas’s little xmas tree shaped beard.  
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol
    We all LOVE this movie and we watch it at Christmas Eve. Christmas + Muppets = Fabulousnous (that’s not a word).
  • A Christmas Carol
    The musical version of this story makes Jae laugh as Kelsey Grammer plays Scrooge and for some reason he BOOMS all his songs. Seriously, he makes Tom Baker sound like a whisperer. Be warned, you may need ear protectors to watch this.
  • The Polar Express
    El remembers going to see this in the cinema when she was little and it brings back lovely memories. It’s such a sweet film. 
  • The Holiday
    This always seems to be on on Christmas Eve, when Jae is up late ‘testing’ the sherry. It’s about two women who swap houses and find lurve in the process. Then all the couples do a dance at the end. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy but if you can’t be cheesy at Christmas then when can you?
  • Rise of the Guardians
    Father Christmas has lots of tattoos in this one. That’s…er…different. But El really likes this movie and it works well for ALL OF THE SEASONS! 

Do you like our choices? What movies will you be watching on TV this Christmas?

This post is in collaboration with Argos

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What are teenagers interested in?

Jae has noticed that there is a lot of Miley Cyrus in the media.

Miley Cyrus licking a hammer.

People are worried that she’s a bad influence on teenagers.

But do teenagers pay any attention to Miley Cyrus? Are we in danger of an outbreak of hammer licking?

Let’s ask one.

A teenager, not a hammer.

El, are you and the teenagers you know influenced by Miley Cyrus?

We really really don’t like her. There are probably some who do, but we think that she’s stupid and attention seeking and the only good thing about her are the silly parodies of Wreaking Ball. The hammer licking and the nudity was NOT NECESSARY DEAR LORD!

If I told you I was Team Sinead, would that mean anything?


~~time passes~~
Oh, now that Jae has explained it I realised what she meant, I thought it was two characters from Game of Thrones that Jae had shipped or something. But yes Sinead is awesome and Miley Cyrus is stupid. TEAM SINEAD FOR LIFE!
Oh dear, Jae doesn’t know what shipping is. It’s when you want two characters to be in a relationSHIP (get it?) of any kind. You can ship characters, people and even inanimate objects (for example I ship me and chocolate).

So what are teenagers interested in?

Depends on the kind of teenager. But me and my nerdy friends are quite into YouTube.

Also Doctor Who. And Sherlock. Also Harry Potter.

We also have really weird conversations.

Weird conversations are what makes life worth living at any age.


El & Jae
Weirdo chat dot com

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Chew on this – Chewits Crazy Cool Carnival App

lots of chewits

We were asked to try out the Chewits Crazy Cool Carnival App and to get us in the mood the company sent us a mahoozive box of Chewits. Which was brilliant to come home to after school.

Now, Chewits are sweets that have been around for a long time, so much so that Jae used to have them when she was a child (Yes, people. It’s been that long).

They were her favourite sweets next to Toffos. You can’t get Toffos any more (boo hoo says Jae) but you can get Chewits in lots of different varieties such as Cola flavour and bubblegum.

They were famous for being chewy enough for dinosaurs. Remember this, oldsters?

Although El didn’t know that dinosaurs were picky about chewiness. She thought they just ate… everything.

Alas, El is banned from gum after the whole ‘pieces of gum stuck under the kitchen table’ incident, a dark moment in our family history. This basically means that El now only has chewing gum when she thinks Jae won’t notice, and Jae pretends not to notice.

So as you can see there has been a whole lot of chewing going on in our house. We especially like the new super sour flavours. Very good if you need help pulling a sour face.

So what about the Crazy Cool Carnival App?

Well, it’s a Facebook rather than a phone app (you can also register on the website and play it that way).

It consists of various mini-games, and the one we played most was The Claw. This is like an online version of the sort of grabber games they have on the pier.

It’s one of those simple games that’s quite hypnotic – you think you’ll just have one more go and then – whoops! – half an hour has passed and you’re still playing it. It also really, really puts you in the mood for some Chewits

We had mixed feelings about the main carnival game – you have to put in the names of two friends, and their pictures then get added in to a carnival ride. Basically you are giving the game access to you and your friends’ Facebook pictures (depending on their privacy settings). We would like to have seen clearer information as to what happens to these pictures – do they get stored on the website? Does your friend get sent marketing information? What if your friend doesn’t want to be on an imaginary carnival ride?

However, the ride it creates is really fun – it’s an animated ride around a fairground starring you and your top two pals:

Even your last Facebook update appears scrolling round a spaceship! It was all pretty funny, though we would have liked the option to just use your own details – maybe we are just anti-social!

Playing this game put us in the mood for eating Chewits, which was lucky cos we had masses of them, and Eye even opened one packet to find that it was just one big long Chewit!

They never had that in Jae’s day!

Thank you to Chewits for inviting us to try out this app. As you can see we were sent a chewylicious mound of sweets, and Chewits have promised to send us some theme park tickets so we can have a go on the ghost train for real.

Happy chewing!

El & Jae
Just call us Chewbacca

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In which way does the vulpine gentleman communicate?


El and Eye LOVE this new internet craze.

(And in case you’re wondering, foxes kind of bark and scream. Ish)

El & Jae

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10 things you need to know about Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS

El has been playing Nintendo’s Animal Crossing New Leaf all summer. Here are our previous posts:

This is our introduction to the game

and this is from when El had played it a lot more.

And so to round things off, here are her top tips:

  1. You can share pictures from the game with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.animal-leaf-new-crossing-3dsxl
  2. You can also send your friends special ACNL e-cards
  3. If you get the pre-loaded 3DS you can also use it to take pictures and send messages.
  4. You can download new, free content for the game from here
  5. If you hold down the B button your character will start to run fast. This will speed things up A LOT
  6. You can design your own clothes!
  7. You really should save up for your house deposit. Don’t be the only one in a tent.
  8. Hit the rocks. Sometimes they have valuable things inside…
  9. You can stack fruit.
  10. Get a net, a fishing rod and a shovel. They are essential!

But above all remember that there are lots of surprises in this game, and the more you play it, the more you will unlock!

Animal Crossing New Leaf is available for the Nintendo 3DS and costs about £28 for the game

El was sent a special 3DS XL which comes pre-loaded with Animal Crossing New Leaf. If you are thinking of getting one of these for a lucky someone for Christmas then do it soon because these are limited edition and it doesn’t look like there are too many left!

Hope you enjoy playing the game!

El & Jae
People Crossing New Blog

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The Six Rules of Starting Secondary School


El has been in secondary school for two years now, and she would like to share with you young padawans  who are just starting secondary school all the things that she wish she had known when she started:

The Golden Rule:

Know your place. Nothing is hated more by the rest of the school than a cocky Year 7. Everyone else is a big moody teen and you are the little newbies. There is nothing wrong with that. As long as you accept that fact then you can relax and enjoy Year 7 without annoying the rest of the school and you shall be accepted.

Yes you may have been a hot potato at your old school. Yes you were at the top of the social ladder.

But now you are at the bottom. 

It’s ok. Your time will come. But for now don’t be cocky and show off. Even the Year 8s who are only a year ahead of you are still older and bigger than you so don’t annoy them. Just don’t. This is my main advice. My year spent quite a bit of time talking about how the new Year 7 didn’t know their place. They weren’t all like that. My next door neighbour joined and he’s brillo pads. I think I can safely say he’s settled down. And why is that? Because he followed my advice. 

Rule Two:

Be nice to everyone. I don’t care if he/she is of the opposite gender they are still a person. No one likes someone who is mean. Be pleasant and people will like you, you will make friends and you’ll settle in better.

Rule Three: 

Don’t annoy the teachers. This is your first year in a school that you’ll be in for many years so you need to make a good impression or at least not a bad one.

Rule Four:

Don’t worry if you don’t make friends immediately. El has made some really great friends in Year 8 that she can go bonkers with.

Rule Five:

Organise your bag the night before as this will save SO much time and prevent a lot of early morning stress. Also leave your PE kit somewhere you’ll see it like in front of the front door.

Rule Six:

The massive Year 11s aren’t that bad. If you don’t anger them

El and Jae
School of Blog

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Tights Frights – Louise Rennison Books Reviewed

The Taming of the Tights

If you have been reading since the start you may recall that way back last year El met the top author Louise Rennison.

Louise Rennison is best known for writing Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging which was also made into a film adaptation of that book and the sequel (It’s Ok I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers). But she’s written tons of other books too and recently the publishers sent El three of them to read.

Free books! It’s like a bookworm’s Christmas. Bookmas! Chrisworm! Or something.

Anyway El was really pleased as she’s read the entire Angus, Thongs series (and there are quite a few of them) so more Louise Rennison books was a dream come true.

This is what El thought of the books she was sent:


Withering Tights

This is the first in Louise Rennison’s series of books about Tallulah Casey. El really like the punny name and really enjoyed the book too.

It was about Georgia’s (from Angus, Thongs) younger cousin who goes to a summer drama school in Yorkshire. She meets new friends, boys and does a good Irish dance. Also there are little owlets. Which are cute. Also there were the Dobbins with which she stays who are hilarious and the twins remind El of Just William’s younger cousin in that Christmas story.

A very funny read that El enjoyed. Worth reading if you enjoyed Angus Thongs or if you’re a teen girl who likes a light read that will make you laugh.


A Midsummer Tights Dream

The second in the series and is a little slimmer than the first one at 333 pages to 351. Tallulah goes back to the drama school but this time as a proper student. It’s more of the same light humour with yet more boys, yet more larking with mates and more Irish dancing.

In this book Dother Hall looks set to close which would be the end to Lullah’s dreams. If you enjoyed the first I would definitely recommend reading this.


The Taming of the Tights

This is the most up to date of the Tallulah Casey books and was just released in July on hardback and Kindle – you’ll have to wait until next January for the paperback.

This book definitely lives up to its predecessors. El would very much recommend reading it if you liked the first two. It could be read alone but I wouldn’t recommend it as it was written to be another in a series and not a stand alone book. However the fact that the name pun wasn’t really a pun and was just the words tights shoved into a Shakespeare play annoyed El.

In conclusion, El thinks that you will like these books if you are a teen girl and if you enjoyed the Angus Thongs series.


El & Jae
4 Legs Good – especially in tights

We love Louise Rennison!

We love Louise Rennison!

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Turning over a New Leaf on Animal Crossing

While we were on holiday we had NO INTERNETZ!!! Quelle horreur!

This meant that we read lots of books and also had lots of time to play Animal Crossing New Leaf.

This is the special Nintendo 3DS XL we were sent, which is pre-loaded with Animal Crossing. It’s got a bigger screen than the regular DS, and comes in white with lots of cute little symbols on it.



Basically Animal Crossing is your own little town and your neighbours are little animals that you can talk to. You can buy clothes, furniture etc and collect things.

There have been four Animal Crossing games released since 2001 and Animal Crossing New Leaf  which we are reviewing is the latest one which came out in June this year.

This is the first game in the series where the player gets to be the Mayor of the town instead of an ordinary villager. You play the game in real time according to the DS’s clock, so the game changes depending on the time of day and year. Can’t wait for Animal Crossing Christmas!

You can also customise it a lot, so everybody who plays will do it in a different way. El played it a  lot on holiday and developed her community.


More people are moving in to Ledworth (as she has called her village – Doctor Who fans will get the connection! Yes we know it’s really Leadworth) which means that there are more characters. El’s also figured out how to design her own clothes.

She’s started a thing to build a bridge and everyone has to donate to the project. There’s a little guy you can donate to.

More than one person can play on this game, so we let Eye have a go and this is what he thought: It’s very imaginative. I am a boy and not mayor. You can do a lot of things and it gives you responsibility like buying a house and donating money to projects. The 3D effect is really cool.

Once they were both playing, El and Eye could write letters to each other within the game which was fun. They were in the same town, but if you play with friends online you can visit each other’s towns.

Jae likes that this is quite a sweet game – no baddies; it’s more of an open-ended game about building a community. It’s a nice little world to escape into.


This is good stuff for kids to learn if they grow up and start a town on Mars. Yes that could happen.

This is a nice, restful escapist game suitable from around age 7. Probably more of interest to girls but we think some boys might like it too.

You can do lots of other things with the Nintendo 3DS and Animal Crossing New Leaf, so we’ll tell you a bit about this in the next post.

El & Jae
New Leaves

Animal Crossing New Leaf is out now for Nintendo 3DS, or if you get the console shown here it is already pre-loaded

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